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Shun Feng Pharmaceutical packaging materials Co Ltd..is located in Shun De, where is well known as China’s home appliances production base, also famous for the gourmet food。The company was established in May,2005, and is focus on manufacturing pharmaceutical packaging materials for large-scale pharmaceutical enterprises。The production capacity is at the forefront of the industry, also awarded the qualifications of A grade supplier from several pharmaceutical groups.

     After several times of production equipment update and alteration, the company has made a significant breakthrough in industry transformation and upgrades in 2001, and successfully put multiple imported fully automatic production lines into production, transitioned from a labor intensive enterprise to a high-tech enterprise with full automatic、high efficiency and high quality. The company’s annual production of medicinal ointment tube is over 300million, cleaning workshop reaches the cleanliness standard of Class 10 thousand; the 200 square meters inspection center allows microbial limit test, sterility test and positive control test; advanced equipment and complete facilities provides supports and guarantees to the quality of products and production environment detection. Internal control requirements of product quality go beyond the inspection standard of 《YBB00162002-2015 Aluminum Medicinal Ointment Tube》.

     The company mainly produces 7 specifications of aluminum tubes: 11mm, 12mm,13.5mm,16mm,19mm,22mm,25mm, main products are: Compound triamcinolone acetonide and miconazole cream, Compound dexamethasone ointment etc China’s well-known brands’ aluminum medicinal ointment tubes, as well as more than 200 varieties of eye ointment tubes. Products get approval by more than 40 cleints both at home and abroad, such as China Resources Group, Sanjiu Medical & Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd., China National Medicines Corporation Ltd., Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Holding Co., Tian Jin Kingyork Group Co.,Ltd., Jointown Pharmaceutical Group, Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group, Chia Tai Group, Zhejiang NHU Company Ltd., Chongqing Kerui Pharmaceutical Group, Beijing Hwellso Pharmaceutical Group, Cisen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Guangdong ZhongSheng Pharmaceutical Group, Tianjin Pharmaceutical Group, Yunnan Phytopharmaceutical Co.,Ltd., Sinopharm Sanyi, and reach a long term cooperation agreement.

     In order to achieve the target of 500 million pieces annual sales, the company continuously invests more advanced equipments, establishes a more secure quality management system, constantly improves production technology and management level, committed to produce the highest price ratio medicinal ointment tube.


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